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Introduction To Compositions

In HoloEdit, edits and arrangements of volumetric video are stored in a Composition. Compositions are made up of Tracks . Each Track is a grouping of volumetric streams and edits to produce a single clip of Volumetric Video.

Saved Compositions

Compositions can be saved and loaded using the “Save” and “Save As” options in the File Menu. Saved Compositions should be stored in the current workspace, and will be saved as Composition .json.lz files. Saved Compositions can be loaded by double clicking on the entry in the Project View

Along with saving the current Stage and interval configurations, saved Compositions store job status, such as active, waiting to download files from the server, and so on. A saved Composition can be closed while individual intervals are processing on the Remote Job Server, and will fetch the current job status and download necessary files when it’s opened back up.


HoloEdit will periodically automatically save your current Composition to the “autosave” folder located in the root directory of your Workspace. Autosaves include your current Composition name plus the date and time.

Autosaves will store Composition and job result status like any other save file, and may be deleted periodically.