Software Engineer, Optimization

Arcturus is seeking a full time Software Engineer as we expand and grow our company featuring our flagship product, HoloSuite.  HoloSuite is the only capture agnostic volumetric video post production and distribution toolset on the market (think Creative Cloud for live-action holograms). We are used in XR, film special effects, virtual production, broadcast, and volumetric displays. Our market is on fire right now, with more than 17 different capture technologies needing our product. 

The successful candidate will join a talented team responsible for the post production of holograms featured at a Super Bowl 2020 fan experience in Miami, holograms of boy band BTS included with the launch of a special edition Samsung phone; and earlier we did the post on Madonna’s holograms at the Billboard Awards, A Jester’s Tale Magic Leap experience that premiered at Sundance and Hulu’s “Light as a Feather” marketing activation at VidCon, among many other projects.

The role involves improving accuracy and performance of existing numerical methods; creating new GPU accelerated methods and implementing new learning methods for geometric reconstruction, shape correspondence, compression, transmission and more. The role also involves systems architecture, performance and accuracy measurement and other R&D work. The ideal candidate has considerable experience implementing numerical optimization methods and experience with 3D math for graphics applications.


  • Working with the product team and CTO, gather requirements for tasks

  • Working with the engineering, build consensus on your approach and respond to comments on your proposals

  • Assess and improve existing numerical optimization algorithms for performance and accuracy

  • Research and compare new optimization solutions to current approaches, recommending and implementing improvements

  • Instrument and measure a suite of test data for improvements and regressions, reporting any significant changes

  • Working with our pipeline technicians, create training and troubleshooting materials for our customers


  • Considerable experience with one of CERES Solver, Suite Sparse, LAPACK, etc

  • At least 5 years experience with C/C++

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of numerical methods and approaches

  • Familiarity with 3D linear math for graphics and optimization

  • Comfortable understanding of GPGPU programming and parallel programming techniques

Special Consideration

  • Understanding of

    • Volumetric video

    • Immersive media: VR, AR

    • Capture and scanning:  6DOF vs 3DOF, photogrammetry

    • Post: Editing, Composing, Rotoscoping, matchmoving, matte and touchup painting

    • IT: command line, render farms, cloud computing, computer networks, storage & data transfer, basic scripting

    • Communications: project management, tracking, scheduling, bug reporting

  • Learning methods: ie. Deep learning, online and offline, supervised and unsupervised, etc.

  • Realtime 3D rendering experience


Please provide a cover and submit your resume to